Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hillobamccain 08

I take voting very seriously. It's my vote and no one else's. I take it seriously during years when it doesn't really "matter" and I know it won't change the outcome of an election, and I take it seriously during more exciting years like this one when voting in the primary on March 4th does matter. I vote as often as I can, in nationwide elections, state elections, and city elections. I watch the debates, read the articles, and do my research. And due to my line of work, I know what's going on, not just in Texas, but in dozens of other cities (NY, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Columbus...the list goes on).

My vote is a very personal decision that I don't take lightly. Therefor, it doesn't just annoy me, it offends me when people send me emails actually telling me who to vote for. As if I am so casual with my vote, so uneducated in my decision, so complacent and unquestioning, that I would vote for a candidate simply because someone tells me to.

So next time you decide to send out a mass email about who you want me to vote for, remove my name before clicking the "send" button. I am not your naïve voting pawn. Besides, if you knew me at all, you'd know that telling me what to do pretty much assures that I won't do it.

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