Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuff Luff

More Twittering than blogging lately...sorry! *sheepish grin*

this is going to be rapid-fire style:
-obsessed with the new Bird And The Bee song "Love Letter to Japan"
-counting down the days until my arthroscopic hip surgery (and possible microfracture surgery) at the end of January
-Clive had to have part of his tail amputated due to a bad case of "happy tail"
-Mom gave me a hedge trimmer and an edger for x-mas; I thank her, and so will my neighbors
-working through Christmas and New Years for the third year in a row *sigh*
-my best friend Jill is flying down from Indiana to take care of me for a few days post-surgery (yay!)
-made some really damn good hummus this week (in my blender, for lack of a food processor)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stuff I Like

1) The Myers Motors new NMG (No More Gas) electric car. I also like their vision for the future:

Sub-$20,000 vehicles that are practical and affordable is the vision of Myers Motors. This vision of affordable, highway speed, electric vehicles, one for every two car garage, can be met today with just a little bit of help. Te help needed is that Myers Motors needs to retool from low volume production to high volume production … and your “vote” will help that process. The help needed is also for you to make your wishes known to your elected officials that you want Middle Class Americans the same access to the $7500 electric vehicle tax credit that the rich and famous now get but that is not available to most of us because we can’t afford a $100,000+ electric sports car. What to ask for: That seven words, “and which has at least 4 wheels” be removed from the IRS definition of a motor vehicle so that all legal, highway speed, vehicles are eligible for this up to $7500 tax credit, greatly helping bring sub-$20,000 electric, highway speed vehicle to the world’s drivers.
We would love to sell you an NmG today, but we know that they cost too much to meet most people’s financial needs today. We are working to bring you practical, affordable, highway speed electric vehicles and our next step is to reduce the purchase price of our No more Gas electric vehicle … and to do it using US technology and US labor to create US jobs that put US citizens for work for products that are sold in the US. Creating additional vehicles to meet other market needs is another step. Coming December 18th, we will be revealing where we are with one of those steps. We hope to see you then.

2) Radical Cross Stitch and the Craft Cartel
I love the quote from the Radical Cross Stitch site:
"I don't regard myself as an artist. I am a craftsman. Fuck art." - Clifford Harper

3) New cupcake transport packaging posted on the Design Packaging site. So smart, and well designed.

The Bailout. Coming This January.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Coffee And Tea Wrecks

I am loving this teabag design posted on The Dieline. Such a great, creative, eye-catching design that works perfectly with the company's image and branding.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm not an atheist...

...but I respect those who are. My favorite line?

"So many atheists are in showbiz or the arts,
the simply don't believe that thunder represents God's farts."