Tuesday, April 29, 2008

lady in red

Ok, so I was getting through my Google Reader subscriptions, and I was looking at the Casapinka site, and was led to this amazing Etsy shoppe full of fantastic fashion illustrations - and they are totally affordable at $25 a pop. (If you spell shoppe with 2 "p's" it's way sweeter.) I seriously considered keeping this one to myself, but that's not very nice of me. So instead, I am sharing redheather's etsy shoppe with the 10 people who read this little blog o' mine.

Little Bit of an update

OMG Mom, I am sooooo glad you put the featherbed back on the mattress...

Now I am too long for the camera frame...

I'm a Little Bit twisted...

Urban cat:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't Be a Pest!

In my search for safe, organic ways of getting rid of ants and silverfish and such, I came upon Boric Acid. It's safe to use around children and animals (including curious kittens...), it's CHEAP, and it can be mixed into a liquid solution with water or used straight as a powder. It even works on roaches and termites! It is also referred to as "roach powder." For more info, click here. For ordering info, click here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

you can call me Flower if you want to!

Many of you have asked how Maggie is liking her new home and yard. So...if a picture says a thousand words, then here is a 7,000 word blog on how Maggie feels about her new digs:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Those Times I Waited On You Seem So Long Ago

I am finally all moved in to my very first all-mine home. I haven't really blogged about it because I was scared I would somehow jinx it all (the closing, the move - all of it). And then after closing I was packing and moving and was too busy to blog. But I am officially all moved in and in the process of unpacking and the internet is finally working. And I am making LOTS of trips to Home Depot and Lowe's. Which brings up an interesting dilemma which I rarely experienced as a loft-dweller.

What does a young, single, home-owning woman, whose "in case of emergency" is still her mother, do when she needs help with something that she physically cannot do alone? Sure, it is great to have my own house, and not have to share it with someone. All closet space is mine, no compromising on wall color or decor, only my car to fit in the garage, and just my own laundry to do. It's great. However, last night I experienced my first "uh oh, what now" moment. You see, my house did not come with a microwave. And how did people survive before microwaves? I don't have an answer for that. But I have been without one for one week and that's far too long for me. I had a "10% off any purchase" coupon for Lowe's. A friend was supposed to go with me but she bailed on me at the last minute (seems to be the trend these days), so off I went. Upon arrival I quickly hit the Lawn section for a hose and some weed killer. Then to the Appliances section. I (of course) had to buy GE, so I found a great microwave that came with a built-in browner. There was just one left. I grabbed the handle of the box and pulled. Yeah...not gonna happen. Turns out microwaves are heavy. Especially the stainless steel ones. So I let one of the employees in the Appliance section know that I need help. And I wait. And I wait. And then I walk back over to make sure they can see me. And then I put my hand on my hip and look really bored with with a smidge of annoyance in my eyes. Then a guy said he'd be right with me. Then I waited some more.... Finally he got the microwave down for me and said he'd meet me at checkout to load it into my car. After I checked out he was loading it in the car and asked "Do you have someone at home to help you get this inside?" Um, no. No I don't. Hmmmm....

Of course, if you know me, you know that once I got home I tried my hardest to get that thing out myself. Tried but no luck. Arghhh. I hate asking for help. And besides - who am I gonna ask? I start wondering how my mom did all this and raised a kid alone. She was awesome. She had table saws and jigsaws and cut her own quarter round and fixed toilets and did her own landscaping and killed spiders. I can DO THIS. Ahhh, but I can't lift the microwave alone and get through the door alone. And I can't leave it in my car all night and risk my car getting broken into. I don't need my car insurance going up on top of everything else.

So, I admit defeat and walk across the street and ask my neighbor for help. Good thing I had met them the week before. Neighbors - what a concept! So they helped me get the microwave inside, and between the 3 of us we finally got it out of the box. Then of course it didn't fit on the table I had for it, so they graciously cut me a table top out of some extra wood they had. I plugged it in and set the clock and voila, I'm done right?

Wrong. that's when I realize that the box did not contain the glass spinny-tray thing that it should have. (hands on hips) Back to Lowe's....

But before I head out to Lowe's again I think I'll bake my neighbors some cookies.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The 64 Worst Things About LA

Really...only 64? I could think of at least 1 more....


Thursday, April 10, 2008


So, my friend Ashley Dupree just sold her domain (www.ashleydupree.com) for $10,000.00. She's a photographer, and it was her professional website. When this whole Elliot Spitzer/Ashley Dupre call girl thing started it really annoyed her...lots of random myspace requests, etc. But look who came out on top, baby! Go Ashley!! AND it totally works out in the end, because Dupree was her maiden name, so now she owns another domain with her married name. Ha!

Dog in a Sidecar

I was driving through expo park and look (look!) at what I saw...a guy on a motorcycle with a sidecar...and his best friend in the side car! Only the most adorable thing ever. I just barely got this pic as they turned. They even had some other motorcyclists rubber-necking it at the cuteness.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

movin' on up

So I have closed on my first house and am in the process of moving...dun dun duuuuuuuun!

Moving is a pain, but it's really nice knowing that this place is MINE and that I don't have to move again for several years.

So, who wants to help me this weekend?

yet another reason to love IKEA

IKEA to Ditch Plastic or Paper Bags Completely!

Starting October 2008, IKEA will stop offering customers plastic or paper bags at their stores, with only reusable bags available to customers. The decision came after an overwhelming positive feedback from IKEA customers, who voted over 92% to take their "bag the plastic bag" program one step further and ditch plastic bags altogether.

Nice work, IKEA...let's hope some of the other retail giants follow suit.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smelly McSmokerson

If you have a smoggy/smoking tailpipe you better watch out buster, because I'm calling your ass in!

If you're in Texas and get behind a stinky smoggy car with exhaust that smokes for 10 seconds or more, call this number and report it. I already saved it to my cell phone for quick dial.



This only applies to Texas licenced vehicles, and it must be reported within 30 days.
You will need to make note of this info (if, of course, you can see through the smoke):
  • Texas license plate number
  • Date observed
  • Time (AM/PM)
  • City
  • Location observed

Friday, April 4, 2008

by his piano, get his house for free!

hahahahaha. This is awesome.
Just $135,000...

When One Door Closes...

I just put my spankin' new house keys on my keychain. Hooray!

I officially am a homeowner.

Who has a truck?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Hills in Oak Cliff

So I ever since my schedule changed, which was months and months ago, I haven't been able to watch The Hills (tragic, I know, but it's a guilty pleasure - sue me), and it just now occurred to me that I can just watch them online. So in the first episode I watch (episode 315 "With This Ring"), I notice that I have been to almost every location where they shot. This is weird because I only "lived" in LA for like 6 months or something (and for part of that time I was in Dallas for Christmas) so I didn't go to that many places. But seriously, they hit my favorite breakfast spot (The Griddle), a great wings sports bar with a sleazy name (Big Wang's), they went to this great vegetarian spot that is also really great for people with dietary restrictions - I was gluten free at that time (M Cafe), and then they shot a scene at La Cantina, which I went to with my friend Becky...at least I think it was with her. So weird! I don't think I've been anywhere else that they show in any of the other episodes, but for this one I went to every place. Bizarre.

Anyway, in other news, tomorrow morning I [drum roll please........................................]
close on my very first house!! I haven't been writing about it because a) I have been super busy getting everything done in preparation for tomorrow and the move and b) I really didn't want to jinx anything. But now it is just hours away and I am getting very excited. It's in the O.C. (Oak Cliff baby!) and it is amaaaazing. Built in the 1920's with refinished original hardwoods, and beautiful landscaped backyard, 2 fireplaces, a screened in back porch, and a big bay window. Does it get any better? I just bought my first lawn mower for goodness sake. (Old school push style, using no gas, saving the earth and toning my calves all at once.) Game night at my place!

The Weakerthans

Went to The Weakerthans show at Granada this week, and it was really good.
Opener Christine Fellows was great too!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008