Tuesday, June 3, 2008


(The weekend kind, of course.) I just took off and ran with projects this past weekend. There are still (always) things to do, but I am very proud of what all got done, in part to a 2 hour IKEA visit. I took pics, and for most of them I have a "before" and/or an "after."

1) replaced ugly painted door pull under the telephone nook with a glass pull (no pics because the glass knob on white door was hard to photograph).

2) Used AMORF window frost from IKEA to frost the top 3 panels of the bathroom window, and the top 3 panels of one of the kitchen windows. This stuff is awesome. Super easy to cut and put on the window, and comes right off if you want to remove it. I am particularly glad that the it *perfectly* matches the frost that was already on the bottom 3 panes of the bathroom window.




3) Next, I installed IKEA bookshelf lights:



4) After that, I took some succulents that I bought at IKEA, and planted them in a window box (also IKEA), and put it on the toilet tank. And I have to say it looks really good. Now all I have to do is restrain my tendency to over-water, and maybe they will live despite me.



5) I hung new white sheers in the dining room - made such a difference....



6) Installed new curtain rod and lace curtains in the bathroom in front of the shower curtain. Just in case you forgot that this house is a bachelorette pad, the bathroom is unabashedly girly.


7) This week I also finally hung the towel rack in the bathroom. And I love how the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster really ties together the black/white/gray theme of it all.

8) AND while I did all of this, I watched my Netflix of the day, Enchanted, so I knocked that off the list too.

There is still a lot left to do...new shelf paper in the kitchen, hang wine rack, patch some drywall, caulk the stairs, sand and refinish a table, sand a few cabinets so that they close better, finish hanging curtains in bedroom, paint rooms, recover bench seat (again), make a couple of dog beds, sew table cloth...the list goes on and on. But at least I got a good number of things completed this weekend!

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