Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alaskan Women Reject Palin - Largest Protest in Alaska's HISTORY

picture from Daily Kos

I grew up in a feminist household with a mother who remembered what it was like to live in a country where abortion was illegal. The quote below brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of some of the horror stories my mother has told me:

"Some of the signs spoke out against Palin's anti-abortion position. Laura Kimmel, a 40-year-old Anchorage woman expecting her second baby in April, wore a clothes hanger with a sign attached that said, "This is not a surgical instrument. Keep abortions safe and legal."

Susan Soule, 65, a part-time health consultant, said she is old enough to remember when abortion wasn't legal and what women went through who wanted to terminate their pregnancies.

"I know the terror of unwanted pregnancy and back-room abortions. I know what that did to women," said Soule."

Just like the "war against drugs," if you make abortion illegal, women will find a way to get it done, whether it be in a bathroom stall with a coat hanger or in a back alley with someone who may or may not be an MD. And on TOP of that, if you remove sex education from schools and preach abstinence only, and make contraceptives more difficult to acquire, it will only make kids more interested in sex, pregnancy will rise, and thus the abortion rates will rise. Women who attempt coat hanger abortions often end up bleeding to death, resulting in 2 deaths.

You don't believe that Palin's policies and beliefs are radical? Then listen to what the Alaskan women are saying about her...after all, they are the ones who know her best.

It says a lot that this was the largest protest in Alaska's history (herstory?)!

Lots of great footage and pics here!

some of my favorite sign slogans:
Bush in a Skirt
Pitbulls Make Poor Diplomats
Real Leaders Don't Have to Cram for Interviews
Blink Before Going to War
Keep Your Laws OFF My Body
McCain/Palin: Incontinence/Incompetence
Blind Ambition Tour
Bristol Got to Choose - Why Can't We?

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