Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bless the Beasts and the Children


It was my first Thanksgiving (and birthday) as an official vegetarian, and it was great! I made quinoa salad with black beans and sweet potatoes (high in protein, low in fat), and everyone loved it! The sweet potato pie was so good this year that it topped the pumpkin pie, and that is something I have never said before. I went out to the country to my mom's house and we did Thanksgiving at her next-door-neighbor's house. They have two 5-month-old dalmatian/bulldog puppies, so the puppies, plus my two greyhounds, plus twelve people at dinner made for a very bustling household. My friend Alyssa was nice enough to send me a link to an NPR article about great Thanksgiving vegetarian dishes, so I'm excited to try some more new recipes next year. The day wasn't without drama though, as someone (we never figured out who) didn't take me seriously and decided to let the greyhounds out...ugh. And then Clive suffered from "happy tail syndrome" and split his tail open, splattering blood all over my mom's walls and floors. But what's a holiday without some drama, right?

The day after Thanksgiving, I had to work, but of course I celebrated "Buy Nothing Day." Although unfortunately, a lot of people took Black Friday waaaaay too seriously, stampeding over one man in NY and shooting two others in California. Maybe these people should stay at home and teach their children that kindness is more important than consumerism. I think mortgage payments and credit card debt elimination should take higher priorities right now than 10% off sales.

Today I chilled out, busted out the Christmas iPod playlist and put up some Christmas decorations (see pic). I got to talk to my awesome friend Jill, watched a cheesy holiday movie, and ate some delicious Thanksgiving leftovers. It was a good week.

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