Saturday, December 15, 2007


My mom got a shiny new hip last week. It will last 900 years, they say. How do "they" even know that? Is it a guarantee? Like a money-back guarantee? She is in the rehab facility now and, after a few bumps in the road, seems to be doing well. My grandmother comes into town next week, so they will be in Granbury while I am in Dallas. But I have Christmas eve off, so I'll visit then. Mom wants me to bring her "granddog."

Ghetto Kitty got spayed last week, and they shaved her whole belly and that's how I found out she has a speckled belly - hahaha. Speckled Belly Ghetto Kitty. She's teething like CRAZY. Her adult teeth have erupted and are coming in alongside her kitten teeth so she is chew-crazy. I asked the vet if this is normal - for her kitten teeth to not have fallen out yet - and she said it's normal but they should fall out by 7 months. Aside from the teething she's such an affectionate thing...purrs like a motor and sleeps under my chin, licking my face when the alarm goes off (and every subsequent snooze alarm thereafter).

Sweetums is no longer wary of Maggie, but she still dislikes Ghetto. I can't really blame her, since every time she attempts to walk across the loft, Ghetto attacks her, putting an arm around her neck and pulling her to the ground. Hissing and growling ensues. Lather rinse repeat.

Tonight is Alyssa's annual Christmas cocktail bash, and I am looking forward to it greatly. It's so nice to have a reason to get dressed up and drink champagne other than a wedding. Hopefully I will get some good snapshots to post later....

Sorted out my vacation/comp days and after Christmas I will have 5.5 days to use before the end of March. I think I can handle that. Some of them will go toward a trip to NYC for Laura's 30th birthday so that should be a blast. The others I am hoping to use for camping or something along those lines...a little escape from the city. Anyone game?

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