Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Bumper Crop

So I went to REI today before work. mmmmm...REI. I picked up my order and did NOT let myself kill the extra 30 minutes I had by roaming around the women's section, so instead I let myself browse the dog section which was right by the checkout. And, to my surprise, I saw that REI carries Katie's Bumpers! What are Katie's Bumpers you ask, and why was I excited to find them? They are dog toys made from recycled fire hoses, and are tough, they float, and they are brightly colored and patterned so dogs can see them easily. I had bookmarked the website a month or two ago but didn't want to pay shipping, so I was glad to find them at REI and discounted. Score! I bought the one that has 3 squeakers in it, so hopefully Maggie will appreciate it.

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