Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a Little Bit of water

Little Bit has a bizarre feline obsession with the bathroom sink - specifically the water that flows in it. As soon as I turn the faucet on I hear her zooming across the hardwoods for a front row seat on the toilet seat. She bats at the water, staaaares as it drains down the drain, inquisitively looks up at me (where does it go, mom?), then ventures in the sink, licks the faucet, and sits there staring at me until I turn the water on and the whole routine repeats itself. I have to say, giving her a bath is pretty easy. And she is equally intrigued (though not as brave) when it comes to the bathtub faucet. She cries loudly after I have been in the shower for about 30 seconds because I seem to have suddenly disappeared behind the curtain. "I'm in here!," I say. And then she falls sleep on the bathmat, waiting for me to step out so she can lick my wet feet. (I know, she's an odd one.)

She even figured out the kennel water-feeder I bought for the dog in about 10 seconds. Maggie of course, has yet to figure it out. I still think cats are smarter.

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Jesse A said...

My is almost exactly the same way. He tries play with me through the shower curtain though, but eventually comes to rest on the mat and waits.