Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Hills in Oak Cliff

So I ever since my schedule changed, which was months and months ago, I haven't been able to watch The Hills (tragic, I know, but it's a guilty pleasure - sue me), and it just now occurred to me that I can just watch them online. So in the first episode I watch (episode 315 "With This Ring"), I notice that I have been to almost every location where they shot. This is weird because I only "lived" in LA for like 6 months or something (and for part of that time I was in Dallas for Christmas) so I didn't go to that many places. But seriously, they hit my favorite breakfast spot (The Griddle), a great wings sports bar with a sleazy name (Big Wang's), they went to this great vegetarian spot that is also really great for people with dietary restrictions - I was gluten free at that time (M Cafe), and then they shot a scene at La Cantina, which I went to with my friend least I think it was with her. So weird! I don't think I've been anywhere else that they show in any of the other episodes, but for this one I went to every place. Bizarre.

Anyway, in other news, tomorrow morning I [drum roll please........................................]
close on my very first house!! I haven't been writing about it because a) I have been super busy getting everything done in preparation for tomorrow and the move and b) I really didn't want to jinx anything. But now it is just hours away and I am getting very excited. It's in the O.C. (Oak Cliff baby!) and it is amaaaazing. Built in the 1920's with refinished original hardwoods, and beautiful landscaped backyard, 2 fireplaces, a screened in back porch, and a big bay window. Does it get any better? I just bought my first lawn mower for goodness sake. (Old school push style, using no gas, saving the earth and toning my calves all at once.) Game night at my place!

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GSDesign said...

I forgot to tell you this when I read it - I have heard my friend Mike talk about the Griddle.

Something about waiting for hours to get pancakes?