Friday, July 17, 2009

"Off The Hook"

I was rummaging through my old Myspace blog when I found this entry from December 10, 2004, and decided it was worth a re-post here in my "real" blog.

So, Wednesday night Alyssa and I drove to the Lyrics Born / RJD2 show in Denton. As we are walking to Hailey’s, this guy starts looking at us, and we both get that “he’s going to talk to us" vibe. (Just to preface, he reminded us scarily of a tall version of the stoner in "Dazed and Confused.") Sure enough, he excitedly says “Hey, are you guys going to the RJD2 show?”

Us: “Yeah.” (Still briskly walking towards venue.)
Guy: “That shit’s gonna be off the hook, you know that, right?!”
Us: (laughing) “Oh yeah?”
Him: “Are you excited about Lyrics Born?”
Us: “We haven’t heard them.”
Him: “Now THAT shit’s gonna be off the hook.”
Us: (Laughing and shooting glances at each other.)
Him: “Where do you guys go to school?”
Us: “We don’t, we graduated.”
Him: “When?”
Me: “2001”
Alyssa: “’02”
Him (shockingly): “2002!! You guys must be like, 25 or 26!!!?” (Apparently he missed the 2001 statement.)
Us: (laughing) “Yeah…25”
Him: “No shit…where did you go to school?”
Us: “TCU.”
Him: “Are you from Denton?”
Us: “No, we’re from Dallas”
Him: “No shit, you guys drove here all the way from Dallas for RJD2?”
Us: “Um, yeah, we drive here for shows from time to time.”
Him: “This show’s gonna be off the hook!! You two are pretty hot to be driving here from Dallas.” (What does that mean?)
Us: “Umm…ok…”
Him: “Oh, you guys are with me, right? You can come up here with us.” (As he cuts in line and joins up with some friends.)
Us: “Oh, uh, that’s ok.”

During the show we see our funny guy up front, tall and lanky, with his broken arm-in-a-cast and long brown hair, waving his hat around (I have to give him credit--the shit really was off the hook). As we leave, we see him sitting on the railing outside. He looks at is with recognition and says “good show, huh?” I say “yeah, that shit was off the hook.” He replies with “Yeah it was! After party at our place—3 kegs and free chronic” (or something along those lines—he mumbled the last part). We politely declined, as we had to drive back to Dallas and go to work in the morning.

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Alison said...

Lived in Lewisville before there were any Starbucks... it was us and the longhorns. I totally get this story!