Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today before work I...

-Turned the compost pile, and shrieked when a snake darted from inside. It's a sign that my compost quality is good, but still started me.

-Used A/C runoff water collected in a trash can to keep compost nice and hot.

-Watched as Maggie threw up ALL over Clive, who was lying on the kitchen floor.

-Cleaned up kitchen floor, and Clive.

-Dremeled Clive's nails and have him a good brushing.

-Did two loads of laundry.

-Found a flea on Clive while he was outside.

-Dusted diatomaceous earth all over Clive and Maggie, their beds, and the carpet to kill any fleas.

-Made a few phone calls for things that needed to be taken care of.

Basically, I did almost nothing on my list, other than laundry and the compost pile.
Seriously, dogs are like children.

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