Saturday, July 5, 2008

Double Rocker

Yesterday (the 4th of July) as I drove to work, I saw one of the preppiest couples that my eyes have laid eyes on since I was in private school. They were riding through Oak Cliff on a tandem bike, and the whole thing was so sugary that I may have gotten a cavity just from witnessing it. The guy was totally doing all the work (haha), and the chick was just hanging out in the back with her khaki skirt pretending to was straight out of a page in the J.Crew catalog. Her tan purse was even casually slung in the basket on the back of the bike. The only way it could've been more "American" was if there had been a big fat watermelon in the back basket and one of those small American flags-on-a-stick on the handlebars.

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