Monday, May 26, 2008

Bang Bang

I am used to hearing gunshots by now. After having lived on Lower Greenville for 2 years (someone was shot across the street with a machine gun one afternoon - a drug deal gone bad), Deep Ellum for a couple of years, and then Expo Park for a year, I have heard my fair share of gunfire. But so far it has always been pretty far away in the distance. Tonight I heard one shot, very close by, then a pause, and then a whole round of shots. Yikes. Couldn't have been more than 2 or 3 blocks away. Kind of freaked me out, I have to say. And I'm not all that easily freaked out.

The bizarre thing is that not 2 hours ago I was having dinner with friends in Bishop Arts and we were talking about this very thing. And I was telling them that I have heard gunshots everywhere I have lived in this city, but never very close. Apparently I jinxed myself. Like the night I was hanging out with a friend whose cat played fetch and i said "man I wish my cat played fetch," and THAT NIGHT when I got home she started playing fetch. Maybe I should say "man I wish I would win the lottery." Or "I have never ever won the lottery." Maybe that will make it happen. Of course I'd have to buy a ticket first...ugh, details.

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