Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Reel Deal

reasons why reel push lawnmowers rock:

--The 2-cycle engines found on most power mowers, blowers, and weed-eaters contribute 5%-10% of the air pollution in Southern cities.

--Cutting a lawn with a manual reel mower is easier on the grass and provides a healthier lawn.

--Manual reel mowers are much easier to use than most people think and require about 1/20th the maintenance of a power mower.

--Mowing with a reel mower is smooth, quiet, and puts you more in touch with the environment around your home. Burn calories, not gasoline!

--Personally speaking, the reel lawn mower is much lighter and easier for me to handle on my own. I never have to buy gas for it, and it only cost $99. The only maintenance is keeping the blades sharp, and the grass clippings automatically drop back into the lawn and serve as mulch. What could be better?

This is the reel mower I bought, but as with any other product there are many brands and pricepoints. Like these, or these...

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