Thursday, May 29, 2008

Little Thoughts

-Since when did the Design*Sponge guest blog morph from a design blog to a wedding blog? Aren't there ENOUGH wedding blogs/tv shows/magazine/websites? GAG ME. No really. Turn around and go get the biggest spoon you can find - I really need to fit into this wedding dress.

-The dogs next door have reached raucous heights. Impressive, really. This guy wins the "obnoxious house" award for sure.

-Whether you choose to ignore it or not, global warming is happening. It is not a conspiracy created by Al Gore. And your saying it isn't real, or telling people that going green isn't important, does not change the current situation. Maybe this makes you feel less guilty for driving a gas-guzzling sports car or not buying CFLs, or not recycling, or being a compulsive shopper, or littering, or leaving the lights on all the time, or never turning off your computer monitor. But it is still happening. YOUR God might have given you the right to bear arms and drive a Hummer, but MY God asked that I take care of His creations, a.k.a. THE EARTH and the plants and animals that inhabit it. (I'm still working on that whole not-judging thing, but at least I recycle and crap.)

-I can't wait to start composting! I finally found an affordable composter under $100 that I could take with me whenever I move to my next house. Now I won't have to throw away coffee grinds, coffee filters, tea bags, yard clippings, eggshells, etc. And it makes free, nutrient-rich dirt. Why do homeowners drive all the way to Home Depot and purchase dirt that is bagged in plastic and has been shipped here from some other state, when they could MAKE THEIR OWN DIRT? I will never understand it.

-Tonight there was a totally insane police chase on the news. But I'm really glad that the guy didn't hurt anyone. It was crazy!

-THIS IS SO COOL. It appeals to both my green side, and my stick-it-to-the-man side. I want to start up a group around here. Who's down? (more here)

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