Monday, May 5, 2008

Takin' Care of Business

Today I got partially down my list and...

-greeted the garage door guy at 7am only for him to look at it and inform me that it needs all new springs and cables and that they'll have to order those and come back another day at this God awful time of the morning. He was, however, able to provide me with a second garage door opener for a mere $40.

-changed the cat litter

-went to the County Tax Office and stood in that looooong line and got my registration renewed, after it being expired since April 2007, for $60.90.

-went to Discount Tire Co. and waited in another loooooong line to get to new front tires, for $211.

-unpacked a HUGE plastic bin of stuff in the garage

-cursed the next door neighbor's yapping dog dozens of times

-spray painted some IKEA stuff

-finished assembling IKEA Vinstra dressing table:

-gathered items for garage sale/goodwill/etc

-finally watched my latest Netflix - "God Grew Tired of Us"

1 comment:

Fish Nat!on said...

one time (and consequentially the last time) i tried to shut a yapping dog up occurred in argentina. I was walking past a house with a horrible, snarling dog. Every time i walked by, said dog would attack the fence bars and bark in a most ferocious manner. I finally got fed up with it. I had purchased a rather large umbrella with a long metal spike on the end. As I walked by the fence, that wretched dog was attacking it as wildly as ever. I made a quick ninja jab for its face with my umbrella spear. The beast BIT the metal spike and ripped my brand new 12 peso umbrella from my hands and proceeded to rip it to shreds in front of me while i could only stand there and watch, feeling like a jackass. I guess i learned my lesson.