Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All U Need is Mosh

I had a fun weekend.

-Freeycled my loveseat sofa-bed
-Attempted to go to the library but it was closed
-Went to Aunt Stelle's Sno Cones for the first time
-Met up with a huge group of friends for dinner at La Calle Dolce
-Drinks at the Quarter Bar with Amanda

-Clive and Maggie, for some reason, on the SAME day, BOTH ate their own poo for the first time ever. I sprayed their mouths out with the hose. So revolting. It best not happen again.
-Went to the library (open this time) and returned book and paid 30 cent late fee
-Also went to the bank and Whole Foods (note to self: I always spy hot guys at Whole Foods...I should go there more often)
-Ashley (the subject of my most-searched blog entry) cooked Edamame Bread Salad for dinner (YUM!) and afterwards we hung out at her pool
-Drinks at Jayna and Erik's place
-Discovered that taking one Zyrtek and 1/2 Ambien at the same time will knock me out for a good 10 hours despite any amount of barking from the canines next door

currently listening to: Plastilina Mosh

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