Saturday, August 2, 2008

Eat Your Heart Up

Last week I was pulling away from the Taco Bell drive-through window (two bean burritos and a cinnamon twist), and the door swings open and a Buddhist monk walks out, orange robe and shaved head and all. It was a completely bizarre moment. I tried to get a pic, but my tinted back window prevented me from getting the shot. So I suppose you will just have to take my word that I saw a Buddhist monk leaving Taco Bell at Oakland and I-30.

Why am I always alone when these strange things happen?

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Keri said...

We lived in Florida for two years. So here is the kicker, our rental house was one of 4 on this block. The house next to us was being used as the Buddest Meditation Center. (technically no longer a house, weird zoning) It was so trippy to see monks in full garb frequently wakling by our house. Additonally, the drum circle on full moon nights, was equally charming! I loved it! But I must say, I never saw one at Taco Bell.