Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pulling Out My Hair

You know those weeks when you have to really remind yourself that surely life won't give you more crap than you can handle? That you will make it? That many people are much worse off? Well, if you haven't surmised it, I'm having one of those weeks. Some moments I feel that I am barely holding it together. Other moments I know that everything will work out. I could go into a lot of detail, but that would be boring. Let's just touch on a few of today's highlights thus far (and the day's not over!):

-Took dogs on a walk. It had been sunny all morning. Maggie kept attempting to go #2
but then changing her mind. When she finally decides to go, she squats in some guy's hard, and he DRIVES UP TO THE HOUSE mid-poo. And I forgot bags. OF COURSE. Then he yelled at me. Then it starts raining really hard. Then I realize I have dropped my phone along the way.
(silver lining = found the phone and it still worked despite the rain and no one ran over it with their car)

-Car wouldn't start...which isn't anything new lately, but this time, no matter how many times I wiggled the red wire to the battery, it wouldn't turn and I was 30 minutes late to work.
(silver lining = I have a cool neighbor who was able to come over and wiggle wires while I tried starting it and that worked)

-First email in my inbox when I arrived to work was my insurance agent informing me that my policy expired today because apparently the auto draft didn't draft last month causing me to miss a payment, and now I owe last month's bill plus another $30.
(silver lining = he caught it, and it won't be a big hassle to re-instate it)

-Someone at work ate my Kashi microwave dinner. It's the second time this has happened. and of course, this makes is necessary to go get something for dinner, and of course, my car won't start.
(silver lining = a co-worker was nice enough to drive me to Subway)

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