Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stuff I Like

-Austin Gallery Roundup
-DIY Potrack
-"Dog In Yard" sign (so much better than "be aware of dog")
-Stencil Library
-Wizard of Oz door stopper
-Cool Austin furniture stores
-Nifty ways to hide your stuff
-Wall Beds; like a murphy bed, but with shelving
-look-a-like beds as seen in Amelie
-25 tools in one!
-"Dear Loud Sex People" and other ways to soundproof your home
-the oh-so-space-saving "iron ladder"
-"if you can't stand the heat"
-"coat tree" decal
-trick your printer into using all its ink
-DIY mason jar garden lights
-How To Buy A Car youtube video
-DIY screenprinting with just pantyhose, an embroidery hoop, glue, and paint
-I want this decal to put above my cubicle
-this house!!

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