Saturday, August 23, 2008

Noisy Summer

While I was at Loew's today, exchanging my second Dremel (note to Dremel - make a better product!), there was a guy there returning a lawn mower. The girl at the returns desk had clearly never had to take back a lawn mower before, and asked the customer service girl for help. The customer service girl asked the man if the mower had gas in it. He said "yes." She then told him, and I am not making this up, to go outside and dump the gas in the grass. I'm all "what?!" That's not legal, you can't just dump gasoline outside in the grass. But no one listens to me. Why don't you just get a bucket of mercury and pour it down the kitchen sink? Or throw some old car oil down the toilet? Furthermore, gas is like gold these days. Why don't you go get a gas can and a funnel and, oh, I dunno, POUR IT IN YOUR GAS TANK? What a concept.

GE has been out twice to fix the microwave and I am holding my breath until it dies again.

I have spent $450 on the PT Loser and it is still randomly not starting. But at least the brakes aren't making that grinding sound anymore.

Yesterday my right shoe literally FELL APART while I was driving to work, and I had to drive barefoot the rest of the way. My cubicle-mate felt so sorry for me that he went to CVS on his break to get me some super glue (thanks Matt!).

Seriously...when will August be over? Can I hide out in a bomb shelter until September?

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